Current Exhibitions

  • Old city store - Woodstock, Ontario

    Barbara Clark Fleming - Exhibition of new folk art paintings

    This is an exhibition of Barbara Clark Fleming's newest work. Barbara and her friend Shirley delivered these paintings at the end of October, and we were delighted to see them both, and the new paintings. We had a good visit and feed of perch over at Knechtel's on the beach, and then Barb and Shirley headed home before dark. Barbara's work continues to develop and strengthen. I think that a couple of these are real kickers. Enjoy the exhibit and then go to her standing exhibit for more of her works. For a biography of Barbara Clark Fleming click here

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  • Midnight House

    Brodie Lodge - "Fallen Trees" Exhibiton of Paintings

    This series of paintings, Fallen Trees in the Ravines, Day and Night, interpret Brodie's,
    observations on his Norfolk County, tobacco farm land surroundings. They represent the strips of forested ravines that cut into the land and provide shelter for wildlife to live and move around us. Also ever present in these paintings, is the cold, cold winter that surrounds us each and every year.

    Brodie is married to stained glass artist, Louise Hale. In 1995 they moved from Toronto to a circa 1840 wood cottage they bought in Norfolk county.
    He started painting again at that time and has done so ever since. Brodie now earns his living primarily as a carpenter/furniture maker, and during the winter, with less carpentry work available, he fills his time with painting, and his music. A full bio of Brodie will soon be posted.

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  • Relaxing in the Trophy Den

    Jeremy Hayes - Introductory exhibition of folk art carvings

    Port Dover folk artist Jeremy Hayes started creating pieces upon retirement in 1997. The majority of his work is made from found materials, and reflect his lifelong love and observation of nature, legends, history and myth. Here we present seventeen of his works representing a cross-section of topics. Jeremy has an exhibition coming up at the Lighthouse Theatre Gallery in Port Dover from Jan 6 to Feb 27, 2009. Plan to come. More on this and a bio to be posted shortly.

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  •  Chain Saw Massacre

    Louise Hale - Exhibition of Stained Glass Windows

    We are pleased and excited to present the stain glass work of Norfolk, Ontario folk artist Louise Hale. Louise's work is consistently creative and exciting. She uses the medium of stained glass unlike any other artist that we know of. Some works contain many tiny pieces reminiscent of the earliest Cathedral windows. Others are set out like paintings. To find out more about this artist click this link These works are for sale and the prices quoted do not include tax or delivery. We ship carefully, and do not charge for packing. Quote for transport by request.

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